Leticia “I learned the wonderful art of frivolite lacemaking from my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law when I was 13 years old. For the last eight years I’ve been formally making jewelry to sell. It is a very satisfying experience because tatting is my passion. My favorite part is making new pieces. it’s exciting to create them, and very satisfying to see them finished.”

Maria Marta “There are so many things you can make with frivolite. I learned how to do it from my mother and sister when I was 15. I like to create things because it helps me relax and I always love to see the finished product. “

Griselda “I love tatting because it is a very beautiful art we can form with our hands. When I was eleven I saw my aunts and mom doing it and it caught my attention. I really like doing it because I its so enjoyable and I love to see a piece unfold in front of me. I especially love putting on the little beads and seeing the finished piece.”

Josefina Rubio  “Over the years I have learned that tatting is an art, because not just anyone can do it. My sister taught me when I was twelve, who learned from our aunts. I love creating pieces because it’s so enjoyable. I especially love filling the little shuttle with thread. “

Adriana  “I find tatting very pleasant, because over time I am learning new designs and new techniques.I learned how to make frivolite from watching my mom when I was eight years old and I have been doing it ever since. I really like the shapes that are formed when I make pieces, also the color combinations and beads that we use. It’s a technique that requires a lot of concentration and very few people know how to do it. Of all the different crafts, it is the one I like the most. Besides that, it is a very beautiful art form and I love making jewelry. I love making new designs and working on samples even if they are difficult because it’s a challenge that helps me learn new things and techniques.”

Andrea  “I learned how to make frivolite from my sister Adriana when I was five years old and I’ve been doing it ever since. I have had very nice experiences going to art exhibitions and meeting new people. I love making the knots to create a new piece. That’s very fun for me.”